Couple of months ago I bought this awesome DBZ shirt along with a couple of others from Designed by Humans, but it was too big. :( It was larger than the other shirts I ordered in the same size. After getting in touch with DBH, they told me all their shirts are made by hand and so can vary and agreed to send me out another one and that I wouldn’t have to return the original. So now I have 2!

It is a mens small, but fits more like a medium IMO - measuring 21” across the chest armpit to armpit. Lie your favourite fitting t-shirt out flat and measure it across to compare.

All you need to do to win is reblog this post! Once we reach 50 reblogs I will give everyone a number and use a random generator to pick a winner!

Good luck! :D

This was my favourite ride as a kid.

At the time, it was called Terror Tomb and was a story ride, nothing more. It was about a jewl thief named Abdab, who was raiding the ancient tomb for it’s most prized treasure. Each scene comedically depicted Abdab attempting to get the jewl and failing miserably. 

In the early 2000s, the ride was unfortunately overhauled and the story stripped, instead fitted with laser blasters and renamed Tomb Blaster. Now it is a point scoring mission through an egyptian themed ghost train, and whilst most of the original theming remains, Abdab is gone and so is what was my favourite scene.

The original finale was an Iron Maiden inspired concert performed by a guitar wielding mummy that sang,

"Plunderer, ravager, spoler, theif!

Tomb robber, you’ve come to grief!

Gonna spike your brain!

Gonna split your soul!

You’ll be enslaved!

Under my control!”

You dare to steal the ancient jewl, so now you will become a goul!”

And with that, Abdab was encased screaming as he went into an iron maiden casket. As you escaped back to the station, the now zombie Abdab leant out of the wall at you laughing like a madman.

It’s a shame it’s gone, but I guess it was so 90s it was in dire danger of being irrelevant to the new audience. The final scene is now a gigantic snake.

Above are some photos from the ride a few years ago. Thankfully the large Anubis remains.